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Athletes that embody our motto of "Better than Ever".
Kenni Taylor
Atlanta Chain Lightning
Catherine Menzies
Vancouver Traffic
Erica Birdsong
Raleigh Phoenix
Elliot Bonnet
DC Breeze
Jasmine Childress
San Diego Flipside
Dena Elimelech
San Francisco Fury
Alex Davis
Raleigh Ring of Fire
Giovanni Santucci
BFD La Fotta
Collefas Mot
Vancouver Red Flag
Matt Gouchoe-Hanas
Raleigh Ring of Fire
Levke Walczak
Boston Brute Squad
Jack Williams
New York Empire
Anouchka Beaudry
Quebec Iris
Zellema Mot
Vancouver Red Flag
Rupal Ghelani
London SYC
Malcolm Bryson
Vancouver Furious George