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Collefas Mot Bio

Collefas Mot Bio

⭕ Vancouver Red Flag

⭕ Vancouver Traffic

⭕ Team Canada U17

📍 Vancouver, BC

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One half of the prolific Mot twin, Colle is known for her explosive plays both horizontally and vertically. No disc is safe when Colle is around, and she has the innate ability to go up for the disc and snag it at high points. Colle played on Vancouver Traffic, being a dominating force until 2019, when both she and her sister switched to the mixed division and joined Vancouver Red Flag in 2020. They continue to play with the 2023 CUC champs today. Red Flag has experienced a lot of success with the Mots on their squad, becoming the 2021 UCI champs and finishing 2nd at WUCC in 2022.

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