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Team stores

Ordering made easy.
We’ll provide a professional online store for you and the team to purchase all your apparel individually. We can include a wide range of custom extras, and also allow for each player to personalize their order further with our Tailored to Fit sizing. Checkout is seamless and removes any stress and hassle for the team captains. At the end of the ordering period we’ll present you with a full breakdown summary of the orders placed and review it with you, before proceeding into full production. Items will be group-shipped to a pre-determined address with the shipping charge baked into each product.

Standard excel spreadsheet

Tried and trusted google doc spreadsheet order. You’ll be in complete control of every order placed and have full oversight. Individual rows for each player to enter their name, number, sizing and fit information. Once complete we will lock the spreadsheet ready for production and send an invoice to you for the entire amount. The shipping charge will be calculated based on the total quantity of goods ordered.