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Create the perfect fit.

Further customize your apparel by tailoring specific products to your body shape. Add or subtract length on jerseys, sleeve lengths, and shorts. Simply reference the sizing guide for our standard fit.

Sizing Chart

Ensure that your gear fits the way you want. Reference our athlete models and compare your size and stature to make sure that you get the perfect fit. You can utilize the measurements to find an exact match of how it will fit, or reach out to your sales rep to request samples.

How to measure your gear.

Jersey/Sublimated Products
Lay your jersey flat on a hard surface. Measure from the seam at the top of the shoulder straight down until the end of the jersey for the precise length. For the chest, start withe the jersey flat and measure from the bottom of the sleeve seam straight across to the other bottom of the sleeve seam.

Lay the pants flat on a hard surface. For the inseam length, measure from the top of the inner pant seam straight down to the bottom of the pant.. For the waist, measure from the top of the waistband across and then multiply by two to get the full waist size.