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What are the steps before I submit my order?

Get in touch
Start the ordering process on the READY TO ORDER page. Fill in a few details about your team, and our customer success team will reach out to help!

Confirm product mix and approve quote
Decide what products your team needs. Jerseys? Shorts? Any Custom Extras? We will happily send some sample gear to help make your decision as informed and simple as possible.

Lets talk design.

Have a few ideas but nothing started?
Fill out our design realization document. Our expert design team will use this document to transfer your ideas onto our templates and prepare them for printing. Be as detailed as you can; the more information you provide, the better the design will be!

Is your design ready?
Is your design fully vectorised and set on our templates, with all fonts downloaded and saved? If so, simply send it to your customer success rep, and they will advise you from there.

Would you like to browse our Design Marketplace?
Don’t have time to come up with a design yourself? Feel free to browse our Design Marketplace. These designs have been expertly curated by Goodbones Creative; just add your team’s logo and they are ready to go!

How do I get my team to order?

Online store
Our frictionless online store experience allows your teammates to shop and pay individually. Browse a full range of custom products, enter personal customization info like names and numbers, and even tailor certain products exactly to your needs: Shorter shorts? Longer sleeves? We’ve got you covered.

Order sheet
The classic spreadsheet ordering method offers you full control over the entire order with group shipping and a single invoice.

How long does it take to get my gear?

Production timeline
From once you printed panels are confirmed and your order is submitted the timeline is five weeks. Tis includes printing, sewing, quality control and shipping. Our customer success team is there every step of the way ensuring you are well informed.

What are my design options?

Design Services

To begin the design realization process, download and complete our design realization document. It will prompt you about any design ideas you have, including colors, themes, fonts, and logos. Try to be as specific as you can, as the more detail you can offer, the quicker our design team can get to work creating your design exactly how you imagine it.

These expert tips will ensure that we create the best design possible: 
- Include a sketch of the design, even just on a scrap of paper 
- Try to minimize the number of people involved in the design process, and know that you’re never going to please everyone! Pick one or two captains to be involved in the process and trust that we’ll keep you on the right track. There is nothing more difficult than trying to run a design through a large committee or full team.

Design Templates

Confident working in Adobe Illustrator? Try downloading our templates and drafting your own design. The file is set up to be simple to use, but if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Before production begins, one of our expert reps will review the design with you to ensure that everything looks good.

Here are some tips:
- Make use of our blue guidelines, which show you our suggested placements for names, numbers, and logos.
- Be sure to include any fonts that you have used when sending us the files. You can find a host of font packages online for free!

Design Marketplace

Too busy to design your own gear, or want a one-stop shop for designs? Take a look at our Marketplace, which is full of great designs that are ready to use. We can customize the colors and add team logos to make the design unique to you.

Color Charts

To ensure you get the exact colors you imagined when designing, we will send you a color chart to verify everything looks perfect. Because of the slight disparity between computer colors and printed colors this makes sure everything runs smoothly. 

What are my ordering options?

How does a team store work?

Ordering made easy.
We’ll provide a professional online store for you and the team to purchase all your apparel individually. We can include a wide range of custom extras, and also allow for each player to personalize their order further with our Tailored to Fit campaign. Checkout is seamless and removes any stress and hassle for the team captains. At the end of the ordering period we’ll present you with a full breakdown summary of the orders placed and review it with you, before proceeding into full production. Items will be group-shipped to a pre-determined address with the shipping charge baked into each product.

Standard excel spreadsheet

Tried and trusted google doc spreadsheet order. You’ll be in complete control of every order placed and have full oversight. Individual rows for each player to enter their name, number, sizing and fit information. Once complete we will lock the spreadsheet ready for production and send an invoice to you for the entire amount. The shipping charge will be calculated based on the total quantity of goods ordered.

How long does it take to get my gear?

Week 1 | Confirm Printed Panels

Once your designs are confirmed digitally we will begin our Printed Panel Process. This intermediary step allows you to see exactly what the finished product will look like, eliminating any surprises when you receive the gear. We’ll need your confirmation to proceed into full production.

Week 2 | Print jerseys

Once the Printed Panels have been confirmed and the order sheets have been submitted, full production will begin with printing. Your designs will be printed onto large rolls of your selected jersey fabric. The designs fuse with the fabric, and the two become inseparable, preventing fading, cracking, and peeling.

Week 3 | Cut and sew

The next step is to cut and sew as the products are assembled by our production team. Every item is expertly hand-cut to the desired size, and we use doublelock interior stitching as a standard. This is the most hands-on part of the process, as every item receives a personal, hand-finished touch.

Week 4-5 | Quality Control & Shipping

Finally, each product will be examined thoroughly to ensure it meets our high standards. Once approved, the gear will then leave our production facility and ship to the location determined by the team leads. We’ll provide you with a tracking number and updates so you know exactly when the gear will arrive.

What types of printing methods are their? 

Basic Sublimation

Basic sublimation is a simple print on multiple different fabrics. It will allow you to have a single graphic/logo on a pair of colored shorts. It will also allow for you to do a multiple color print on our mesh reversibles.

Full Sublimation

Sublimation printing allows you to gain full control over every inch of your jersey. The design is printed directly onto the fabric before it is sewn together, so designs can span the entire length of the shirt, go across seams, wrap over shoulders, and more.

Sublimated designs will last as long as the material does and will not fade, crack, or peel. The design and the jersey become one as the ink chemically bonds with the fabric, resulting in a flush, vibrant design.

Full sublimation requires a significant amount of design attention, so we recommend someone with experience compile the design package, or you can contact us for more help.

Spot Sublimation

Spot sublimation is a process by which a design is applied to a smaller area of a previously sewn white garment. Spot sublimation is often chosen over screen printing because this method can print as many colors as are in your logo (gradients and shading as well) without incurring the additional screen setup fees that would be associated with a multi-colored design.

The maximum area for a spot sublimated logo is 12 inches by 16 inches. You can arrange several spot sublimated logos together to create a larger image, but you should leave a gap in the design to allow for flexibility in aligning the artwork on the jersey.

How does sizing work?

Create the perfect fit.

Further customize your apparel by tailoring specific products to your body shape. Add or subtract length on jerseys, sleeve lengths, and shorts. Simply reference the sizing guide for our standard fit.

Please note that this service is only available for our N-Knit and N-Weave apparel in online Team Stores.

Sizing Chart

Ensure that your gear fits the way you want. Reference our athlete models and compare your size and stature to make sure that you get the perfect fit. You can utilize the measurements to find an exact match of how it will fit, or reach out to your sales rep to request samples.

How to measure your gear.

Jersey/Sublimated Products
Lay your jersey flat on a hard surface. Measure from the seam at the top of the shoulder straight down until the end of the jersey for the precise length.For the chest, start withe the jersey flat and measure from the bottom of the sleeve seam straight across to the other bottom of the sleeve seam.

Lay the pants flat on a hard surface. For the inseam length, measure from the top of the inner pant seam straight down to the bottom of the pant.. For the width, measure from hip straight across.

Hear what our customers said!


Delivered on time.
Our timelines are clear and a customer success rep will ensure you are kept in the loop from start to finish.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
You will get exactly what you ordered. No surprises.

Easy to order
We offer the whole package from beginning to end. Start with a call or with a uniform builder.
To ensure you keep your focus where is matter the most we offer free design help.

Rusty Ingold-Smith

“We had been working with another apparel company to provide our team gear, but that company made promises that were broken. Communication dropped off, and by halfway through our season we had made no progress. We decided to reach out directly to Rumi at BE, who from the start was professional, set realistic expectations and goals, and walked us through the process. I wish we had been working with BE from the start. Everything was handled extremely well, from design all the way to shipping. Not knowing the product yet, I had many questions about fit, sizing, and design, which were all answered quickly. Thank you BE for your excellent service!”

Hannah Blizzard

“I think of quality, support, flexibility, and speed. BE’s gear has been some of the best Ultimate gear I have ever used in terms of quality, but what really impressed me was the customer service and the accuracy that BE delivered. Their team has been wonderful to work with and always answers my questions in a timely manner. As for the gear, we received it all on time with no issues—which our team has experienced with other companies in the past—so this was a great relief while setting up and ordering for team stores and family fundraisers. BE also participated in a fundraiser we held to donate money to the Tree of Life Synagogue, which I thought was really special.”

Kevin Underhill

“An apparel company that truly embodies what they preach. I love that they are dedicated to continuous improvements in their product, service, and experience. Today, their gear is second to none, and I can’t wait to see what they put out next.”