Full Sub SoftFlex 1/4 Zip Long Sleeve

Full Sub SoftFlex 1/4 Zip Long Sleeve

Full Sub SoftFlex 1/4 Zip Long Sleeve


Athletes pictured: Tim Tsang, Furious George, #16, 5' 10" tall, wears a size Medium in the SoftFlex 1/4 Zip.
Victoria McCann, Traffic, #47, 5' 7" tall, wears a size Small in the SoftFlex 1/4 Zip LS

The Full Sub SoftFlex 1/4 Long Sleeve is a perfect warmup and casual top. It is soft, stretchy, and breathable. It is built to perform, keeping you warm whilst allowing full dynamic movement. Sublimation printing will not fade or crack. Names and numbers are included. 

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Softflex Fabric

The ideal fabric for warmup.

Full Sub SoftFlex 1/4 Zip Long Sleeve
  • Softflex Finish

    A stretchy and warm fabric with a brushed finish to for a soft and comfortable finish.

  • Low-Distraction Design

    Designed to fit close to the body and with accents that don't get in the way: auto-pop collar, 3mm wide zipper, narrowed sleeves for easy adjustment.

  • Sublimation Specific

    Sublimation means the prints are crack-proof, fade-proof, and finish flat and non-obtrusively.

  • Designed Durability

    Constructed using flat-lock stitching for a low-friction finish and to remain highly durable.