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Gabe Hernandez Bio

Gabe Hernandez Bio

⭕ Dallas Legion (Roughnecks)

⭕ Austin Doublewide

⭕ Stanford Bloodthirsty

⭕ Johns Hopkins Dangerzone

📍 Sachse, Texas

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Despite never having played Ultimate before his freshman year, Gabe completed a meteoric rise to the top of the division during his time at Stanford, peaking with his 2018 Callahan award. A supremely well-rounded player with the ability to shine in the biggest moments and face the toughest matchups, he spent a memorable four years at Stanford. In the summer of 2017, he played for Austin Doublewide and also participated in his first AUDL games with the Dallas Roughnecks (now known as the Dallas Legion). Following his bittersweet graduation, he had the amazing opportunity to play in the first-ever Color of Ultimate in Atlanta, sharing the field with countless other POC and contributing to a monumental time for the sport. Directly after that experience, he dove into another season with the Dallas Legion, making it to the Championship game against New York but falling just short.

Gabe played four years in the AUDL—three years with Dallas and one year with the Oakland Spiders from 2017 to 2021. He served as both a primary distributor and a notable hybrid offensive player, accumulating significant yards. Additionally, he participated in the Beach of Dreams and Color of Ultimate Showcase right before the pandemic hit. The pandemic brought new opportunities as he transitioned into disc golf, starting as a casual interest before evolving into a real passion and ultimately becoming his main sport.

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