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Gabe is Set to Compete in the Color of Ultimate Showcase Game

Gabe is Set to Compete in the Color of Ultimate Showcase Game

Gabe is Set to Compete in the Color of Ultimate Showcase Game

AFDC’s Project Diversity committee, in partnership with Atlanta Hustle and Atlanta Soul professional ultimate teams, is hosting a person of color showcase game in Atlanta!

The goal of the game is to bring awareness about the socioeconomic and racial inequity of the sport of ultimate. The game will highlight elite players of color and expose the sport to those outside of our community encouraging more people of color to play ultimate.

We sat down with one of our Brand Ambassadors, Gabe Hernandez, and asked him a few questions about the importance of this event.

Q: How were you approached about the opportunity to play in the Color of Ultimate game?

A: I received an e-mail from the organizers asking if I would be interested in participating in the event. They explained the details, as well as the purpose and I, was super excited to participate once I knew I could fit it in my schedule.

Q: What does this game mean to you?

A: From the moment I started playing, I've always been a minority in the ultimate community; I'm pretty sure I can count the number of teams I've played that also had a Latino on their team on one hand. This game is an opportunity for me to not only meet the other POC I've heard about in the community but also play with them and share the sport that we've all grown to love.

Q: What does this game mean to the ultimate community?

A: I think this game is really important from a visibility and inclusivity standpoint because, as a POC being introduced to the sport, it is super rare to see other players that look like you at practices and tournaments. This game has a lot of potential in terms of providing content that new players can watch and relate to. It shows not only that the community is invested in representation, but also that there are other players like you. This can go a long way in getting more POC to join the ultimate community and also decrease the number of negative experiences that these players have to endure to stay.

Q: Is there anyone you are very excited to play with?

A: Eliza Mosquera, Jakeem Polk, Mark Rauls, Christian Boxley, Delrico Johnson, Manuela Cardenas, and Yina Cartagena!

Q: What can ultimate players do locally to support and help grow a more diverse community?

A: It really depends on how invested people want to be. I think the biggest thing people can do is organize teams and leagues in marginalized communities, and setting up tournaments and games in areas that are readily accessible to low-income populations. The other people that participate in these events are already traveling to play, so it would be overall more accessible. On a smaller scale, people can do more to learn about the experiences that POC face when they are the minority. This increased awareness should help minimize the negative experiences, and the spreading of this awareness can help local communities be more willing to host the aforementioned events in accessible areas. There is obviously a lot that can be done aside from these 2 things, but those are the ones that initially come to mind.. 

Q: Is there anything you want people to know?

No one likes being the odd person out. Take an extra second to think about how different players on your team may feel, especially if they are the only person on the team with a certain identity. Much love to everyone ❤️