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Taiga vs N-Knit Fabric: Which One is Best for Your Next Jersey?

Taiga vs N-Knit Fabric: Which One is Best for Your Next Jersey?

Taiga vs N-Knit Fabric: Which One is Best for Your Next Jersey?

Taiga vs N-Knit: Which one is best for your next jersey?

Two great jerseys options, which one is best for you? We've outlined the core differences between our high performing N-Knit and our classic comfortable Taiga Jerseys.


(N-Knit left, Taiga right)


When talking N-Knit we recommend this material for elite performance teams looking for something will move with them with minimal distraction and keeps the wearer cool during long hot tournament days. especially for multiple games or for games on consecutive days. The N-Knit wicks sweat quickly so that is dries, stays lightweight and breathable; the ideal fit to let you play to your highest potential.


The Key Features:

  • Moisture Control -135 GSM poly-knit material offers lightweight feel, breathability, and quick-drying properties.
  • Low Distraction Design - A streamline fit that moves with you for your biggest plays.
  • Designed Durability - Low friction and high durability that will endure as much as you do.
  • Material - 100% polyester

 So what does this mean?

To summarize, the N-Knit fabric has a tight waffle type texture, is built to dry quick and will feel extremely lightweight when its on.

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Next up is the Taiga fabric, a classic fit and feel that provides you with pure comfort and functionality. This is the typical silky sleek jersey you would expect and that most people are familiar with. The Taiga is recommended for teams with comfort and a desire for a classic high performing ultimate jersey as a priority.


The Key Features:

    • Comfort First - Thin and lightweight for a comfortable game every game.
    • 4 way stretch - polyester-spandex combination for a perfect relaxed fit and great movement.
    • Soft and Durable - super soft to the touch but sturdy enough to withstand your most intense workouts and biggest games.
    • Material - 90% polyester and 10% spandex

 So what does this mean?

To summarize, the Taiga fabric has a smooth texture, allows for lots of stretch and is more similar to your typical ultimate Jersey.

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Common Ground

These jerseys may each have their own purpose but one thing they do have in common is the ability to customize fit and customize deigns.

  • Tailored to fit sizing - to ensure a perfect by adjusting length and women's or men's fit no matter which jersey you choose.
  • Sublimation - your design options are limitless for both of these jerseys. Get creative with Full sublimation and wow your competitive or keep it simple and classy with basic sub options.

The best part is there is no wrong choice! The decision always lies with the team but we encourage you to reach out to your sales reps if you have any questions!

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