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Basic Sublimation

Basic sublimation is a simple print on multiple different fabrics. It will allow you to have a single graphic/logo on a pair of colored shorts. It will also allow for you to do a multiple color print on our mesh reversibles.

Full Sublimation

Sublimation printing allows you to gain full control over every inch of your jersey. The design is printed directly onto the fabric before it is sewn together, so designs can span the entire length of the shirt, go across seams, wrap over shoulders, and more.

Sublimated designs will last as long as the material does and will not fade, crack, or peel. The design and the jersey become one as the ink chemically bonds with the fabric, resulting in a flush, vibrant design.

Full sublimation requires a significant amount of design attention, so we recommend someone with experience compile the design package, or you can contact us for more help.

Spot Sublimation

Spot sublimation is a process by which a design is applied to a smaller area of a previously sewn white garment. Spot sublimation is often chosen over screen printing because this method can print as many colors as are in your logo (gradients and shading as well) without incurring the additional screen setup fees that would be associated with a multi-colored design.

The maximum area for a spot sublimated logo is 12 inches by 16 inches. You can arrange several spot sublimated logos together to create a larger image, but you should leave a gap in the design to allow for flexibility in aligning the artwork on the jersey.