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Great quality at a great price very happy with it. Glad to spend some money on the sport.

Mystery Box 4-Pack | Clearance

Fun surprise

As an adult there very few surprises left in life that are worth getting excited for. I truly didn't know what was in the box until I opened it. Everything was my size. My box had pivot pants, sun hoody, jersey, long sleeve shirt. I love most of them. The jersey is the same material as the sun hoodie which is ok, but not as nice as other jerseys. It's a little stiffer and not as good of a fit as other brands or BE's other products.

Very nice!

They are super comfortable, and the material is perfect for playing in slightly cold weather.

Enduro Socks | Team Canada Masters Mixed Spring 2024
Janice Lui
Very Tight
Too Loose
Enduro Socks

Very comfy and snug.

Full Sub N-Knit Sun Hoodie | Ultimate Québec Qarma Spring 2024
Effective sun protection

Surprisingly doesn't get too hot wearing all day in the sun

Enduro Socks | University of British Columbia Women's Thunderbirds April 2024
Very Tight
Too Loose
big fan of these socks

super comfy and look fresh. some of my fave socks to wear for frisbee!


Well made with good fabric. Runs small

Full Sub N-Knit Short Sleeve (Dark) | London Bandit Free Jersey Spring 2024
Connor Gould
Really Enjoy Wearing the N-Knit Short Sleeve

I find the fabric to be lightweight and breathable. It fits true to size. I find some medium jerseys from other providers tend to fit me tightly around the chest and shoulders, but I found this to be perfect for me. I have skinnier arms, so the sleeves fit me very well. However, one of my friends with larger arms did mention the jersey felt a little tight in the arms for them. All in all, very happy with the product.

AeroLite No-Pro 5-Panel Hat | Team Canada Masters Mixed Spring 2024
Sarah Burke
Good fit for small heads!

This hat fits my small head really well!

Full Sub N-Knit Short Sleeve (PLAYING DARK) | Team Canada Masters Open Spring 2024
TC gear

Love the design. Big patch isn't great and sleeves are quite tight but otherwise good

Full Sub N-Knit Short Sleeve (Light) | University of St. Thomas Purple Reign Alternate Spring 2024
Eric Volkmeier
Short sleeve jersey

This fits so well!

Good hat. .

Light weight. Packs small and unpacks un winkled ready to wear. Well vented - can feel breeze coming though on my balding head. Universal size fits my head well. Pull down further in windy conditions. May not fit larger head sizes.

Full Sub N-Knit Sun Hoodie | University of California Berkeley Pie Queens Sun Hoodie Order Spring 2024
Eve Brogan


Full Sub N-Knit Short Sleeve (DARK) | Guildford Park Secondary School Spring 2024
kevin nguyen
pretty nice

the graphic was nice, but it was a bit too large and quite thin

Good Value, but 2 hats?

I love BE and enjoy their products quite a bit, but I got 2 hats in the mystery pack along with a long sleeve shirt. I didn't see hats as an option so I was suprised and a little disappointed.

Full Sub N-Weave Shorts (PLAYING) | Team Canada Masters Mixed Spring 2024

The sizing is deceiving. For other companies I wear an adult small. For BE the recommendation for size was XXL. I ended buying a large which is a bit more snug than I wanted but ordering XXL seemed like too big of a difference from my usual small. Otherwise the shorts seem to be good quality.

Full Sub N-Knit Short Sleeve (DARK) | Houston Havoc Friends and Family Store April 2024
Love it!

The jersey is great quality and perfect for wearing to games to cheer on my husband.

Full Sub N-Knit Short Sleeve (DARK) | Seattle Ligma Disc Spring 2024
Cute fit

Good fit! Good material. True to size. I wear it day to day and also to practice!

Full Sub N-Knit Short Sleeve (Dark) | Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School Senior 2024
Ben Pries

Full Sub N-Knit Short Sleeve (Dark) | Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School Senior 2024

Great stuff.

My son is wearing all the items we received, either for practice or to go to scho

Love BE. Most of my team jerseys are BE currently. Very clean design for this team.

Full Sub N-Knit Short Sleeve (Light) | Mississippi Golden Triangle Spring 2024
Dawson Archer
Golden Triangle

Extremely happy with my finished product. I loved working with y’all to complete this project in a timely manner!

Exceedingly Pleased

The merch is wonderful, customer service was exceptional, and delivery was prompt. Exceedingly pleased with my purchase! Thank you BE!!

Flyweight Breaker Jacket | Mamabird Spring Fan Store
Tom Barnouw
Jacket size issue

Hi. I like the jacket style, material and the Mamabird branding looks great. The problem is the size. It's not just slightly small from what I would consider a normal XL....it is REALLY REALLY small. Based on other comments I've heard it seems your sizes run small in general. The jacket is unusable for me but fortunately it fits my wife. Perhaps make the jacket as a men's and women's with appropriate sizing instead of unisex. Cheers.