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Customer Success Manager

What we’re looking:

You are interested in clothing/jersey design, have a nack for customer service, and are capable of learning new tools on the computer

You take pride and joy in making people happy.

You have a keen eye for detail and are adept at learning things on the computer.

Your ability to communicate is a strong asset of yours and you enjoy working closely with multiple members of your team to achieve the common goal of delivering the best custom apparel on the market.


  • Excellent spoken English
  • Enjoys dealing with people
  • Comfortable speaking on the phone and emailing.
  • Skilled in Microsoft Outlook
  • Detail-oriented
  • Likes and enjoys clothing design
  • Located in Canada
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Digital Marketing Assistant

In this role you will be expected to:

As a digital marketing specialist at BE Ultimate, you will support our Head of Marketing by building the engagement on various social media platforms as well as supporting and enhancing our Branding Specialist offering.

More specifically you’ll get to:

  • Aid in content creation and Social Media campaigns for various social media platforms to align with marketing strategies
  • Creatively pitch and execute various marketing campaigns
  • Be able to effectively create and maintain Branding Relationships with clients
  • Aid in publishing content that meets the brand’s communication style
  • Implement social media strategies to increase engagement & followers
  • Stay up to date with the latest industry and digital trends
  • Build relationships with the online community
  • Monitor and provide feedback on engagement/conversation via social media channels to leadership
  • Engage and grow online audiences, especially within target demographics
  • Use Social Listening tools to monitor for both positive and negative brand/product mentions
  • Propose content opportunities with team members and internal clients based on user-generated content and customer posts

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Event Manager

    In this role you will be expected to:

    As the Event Manager, you will be primarily responsible for merchandising and branding our sponsored/partner events..

    As a company, we partner with tournaments across the country. We merchandise their events by creating tournament logos as well as designing, producing, and selling tournament merchandise..

    It will be your responsibility to design said merchandise, order appropriate amounts (by looking at historic sales), organizing pre-orders, and eventually setting up and executing a professional and awesome event..

    It is possible to execute this job in a part time manner until the events execution (when it would require 8-12 hour days), however, if you are a good fit, there might be the possibility of extending a full time offer wherein the extra hours would be spent in another part of the business...

    More specifically you’ll get to:

    • Design Logos and Merchandise for Events.
    • Order Event Merchandise
    • Setup the pop-up store at the event with branded materials
    • Setup and ensure smooth usage of the POS
    • Recruit and manage a day-of-event team who will run the pop-up shop
    • Run and manage the pop-up store at the event
    • Deal with inventory before and after event

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