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When can I expect to receive my gear?

When can I expect to receive my gear?

When can I expect to receive my gear?

Whether you’re the coach of an organization or an individual player who switches things up every season, sometimes you need to order in small quantities. Sometimes that quantity is as small as one. If you’re ordering individual pieces of equipment, the production times are going to vary depending on the product. We offer three approximate timelines for gear in our BE Store: Next-Day, Two-Week, and Four-Week, each identified by a colored badge in the upper right corner of the product’s picture. The reason for this variation has to do with how we produce our gear and the customization options available for each product.


Four Weeks - Sublimated Products

There are two reasons the timeline for these products is longer. The first is that each product is made to order, so we don’t begin its creation until you’ve finished checkout. The advantage of this is that some of our products with the red Four-Week badge can be customized. This does not mean that every product is fully customizable, but some can be created with the jersey number and name of your choice, or have their sizes altered to fit your body type. The second reason for extended production time is that our Four-Week products are made with sublimation, where the design is imprinted directly onto the fabric of the gear so it never wears off or peels. It’s an involved process that takes time to get right, but the wait is always worth it.

Two Weeks - Embroidered Products

Similar to our Four-Week products, all products with the blue Two-Week badge are made to order. This means they’ll never go out of stock, allowing us to create variation in the products that people love. For instance, if you enjoy our Pivot Pants 2.0, you can now get them with a Raleigh Ring of Fire or Vancouver Traffic logo embroidered onto them (among other options). Embroidery creates a textured, high-quality look and feel to the product that keeps it fresh, but it takes about two weeks to create. 

Next-Day Production - In Stock

All products with the green Next-Day badge are items we currently have pre-stocked. They feature multiple sizing options, when applicable, and have still gone through our rigorous quality assurance process, but there are no options for customization. What these products lack in customization and choice they make up for with an extremely quick turnaround time. 

These timelines refer to the production of your items, not the total time it will take to receive them. Once they have finished production, they’ll still need to be shipped to you. Please keep in mind that these turnaround times are estimates. We have faith in our process, but sometimes life happens and things become delayed. If you have any other questions about our store or the ordering process, feel free to reach out to us. We’re always happy to get in touch, no matter the reason.