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Middlebury Pranksters Headed to D3 Nationals

Middlebury Pranksters Headed to D3 Nationals

The Pranksters are competing in D3 nationals this weekend. We asked Dylan Salzman (captain and Ultiworld's Donovan Award shortlist) a few questions about their process and goals.

Q: How did you feel about regionals?

A: We felt pretty good about regionals. Our team was not at full strength due to injuries but we did a good job ratcheting up our intensity when we needed to, and we accomplished what we came here for. We had a blast, but it made us hungry for more.

Q: What are your goals at Natties?

A: Our goal all season has been to peak in our last game of the season. If that ended up being at regionals, so be it; if it's the quarterfinals at nationals, and we lose, so be it; if it's the finals, and we win, that's also great. That sort of process-oriented goal makes it easier to evaluate our progress throughout the season, rather than having a defined ending place that we want to achieve.

Q: What makes your team unique? 

A: We're unique because we love to have fun with each other. This may not sound unique--but I've never been a part of a team that loves each other more than this one. Every minute we get to spend together, on and off the field, is a joy.

Q: What is your team ethos or mantra?

A: Our team mantra is LIGMA: Love, Intellect, Grit, Maturation, and Accomplish. It sums up everything that we've wanted to bring to the table all year.