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Macana: Planting the Future of Colombian Ultimate Frisbee

Macana: Planting the Future of Colombian Ultimate Frisbee

Macana: Planting the Future of Colombian Ultimate Frisbee

In the heart of Medellín, Colombia, a team of determined and talented women are on a journey to change the future of ultimate frisbee in Colombia. They have formed the newest Colombian Club Team with a unique identity and burning passion to elevate the quality of women's ultimate in their country. 

Macana’s Identity

A team with a strong vision needed a name that represented all that they aimed to accomplish. They wanted something that spoke to them and had everyone in agreement right away. Macana team member Andrea had the idea to bring the team together for a day of bonding and spiritual connection. 

They engaged in an Oracle activity where each team member was assigned a letter, symbolizing a tree, with each tree embodying distinct characteristics.

Valeria’s tree was the Macana, a palm tree that grows strong in challenging environments, providing the sturdy foundation for something extraordinary. It was instant. Everyone agreed that was going to be the name of their team. 

“The meaning of the palm tree is so unique and so different with the environment it grows in and that it can be the base of amazing things…We also love the meaning because we want to create a new way of life for ultimate frisbee here in Colombia” explains Manu.

One Step at a Time

Building Macana required a team effort and dedication. Taking on new tasks, navigating paperwork from the federation to be able to compete and making decisions to turn this dream into a reality. Every member played a crucial role in shaping the team's foundation.

 Manu shares that “It was really nice to see in the first five months, how much effort people are putting into it and how excited everyone is…there is still a lot of work to do, but it is really nice to see everyone working for the same goal for the team ”.

Manu and Valeria Cardenas fueled the team by taking on additional responsibilities to build what they envisioned from their years of competitive ultimate. Leaving their dominant role on Revolution was not an easy choice but the potential to make change for Colombia ultimate long term was impossible to pass up. 

Creating Culture

The creation of Macana Ultimate was not just about competing; it was about strengthening a unique culture of collaboration and unity. They wanted each member to feel connected to each other and invested in the success of the team while also prioritizing having fun. A natural energy was formed through bringing together the right women with the right mindset.

Path to Success

The competitive nature of Macana is undeniable, but channeling that eagerness is also important when growing a team. Success will come, so it is also about enjoying the journey and building chemistry that will last forever. 

“We will try to build a championship team but if that doesn't happen we won’t call it a failure. We will keep working to become the number one team in the country.” says Manu.

They had 2 goals when envisioning Macana:

- Compete at the highest level
- Have fun doing it

“Revolution has been the reason why ultimate has been so good in Colombia, but they also need more help in the women's ultimate scene in terms of distributing that talent” 

Setting ambitious goals are what drive a team like Macana to accomplish great things. The talent and dedication they have will push them forward into great success while building a legacy in Colombian Ultimate. 


Macana’s progress is already monumental following their recent regionals win over Revolution. 

“It was the best game I ever played.. I love the way that we showed up against Revo” Manu says.  

“They are really good at defending small spaces so our goal offensively was don’t put the frisbee on the sideline, when it gets to the sideline we bring it back. Defensively was kind of similar. We don't want them to play that small game. So we have to be tight on some of their players… we were building the defense to be strategically intelligent”.

A Bright Future for Colombian Ultimate

This story is one of determination and vision. It's a testament to the power of a shared dream and the goal to make change. Macana is not only competing to be the best in Colombia but also raising the bar with the well known Revolution to increase the visibility of the sport as a whole in Colombia.

“The games are not close enough because Revo has always won, so we didn't get enough visibility. Now I’m 100% sure that will change a lot and it will be more exciting for people outside of Colombia.” 

Macana Ultimate stands as a symbol of empowerment, unity, and the limitless potential of women in sports. Their journey is far from over, and their impact on women's ultimate frisbee in Colombia is just beginning. Watch out for Macana Ultimate as they continue to shape the future of the sport they love, one throw at a time.