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Faster than Fast || Men || Results

Faster than Fast || Men || Results

We set out to find who's the fastest in ultimate!

In San Diego at USAU Nationals, we timed the best in our sport to see how they measured up. We set up a laser-timed 40-yard dash and these ultimate athletes gave it their all. Take a look at the top 10 results.

Take a look at the women's results here.

Top 10 Results

Rank Team Name Time
Rank 1 Team Ring of Fire Name Alex Davis Time 4.46
Rank 2 Team Condors Name Jacob Bartholomew Time 4.50
Rank 3 Team Toro Name Michael Pannone Time 4.51
Rank 4 Team GOAT Name Paul Mensah Time 4.56
Rank 5 Team Toro Name Brian Clark Time 4.58
Rank 6 Team Johnny Bravo Name Mathieu Agee Time 4.60
Rank 7 Team Chain Lightning Name Daniel Sperling Time 4.61
Rank 8 Team Temper Name Alexander Thomas Time 4.63
Rank 9 Team Polar Bears Name Alex Pan Time 4.64
Rank 10 Team Furious George Name Jonah Lee-Ash Time 4.65