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European Women's Development Initiative

European Women's Development Initiative

With the incredible Eurostars Tour entering its second term, it's an exciting time for European Ultimate. We wanted to find a way to assist some of the teams that are helping foster the development and growth of the sport, which led us to this: European Women’s Development Initiative. If you think back to your first Ultimate jersey you may remember how it helped make you feel part of the team. One of the core missions at BE Ultimate has been to make Ultimate jerseys more accessible to teams that play our sport. We want to get high-quality Ultimate jerseys into the hands of as many teams as possible. By doing this, they can look and feel good while playing out on the field.   


 "I believe that the players are there, but it's all about retention. Leaders and individuals need to recognize that the atmosphere of a team/training/pick-up can make or break a player's participation in the future"

-Fowzia Mahmood
Each year we plan to work with a new European team, kitting them out in a full range of our top-of-the-line gear. Perhaps the team we work with will never have had access to Ultimate-specific gear before or maybe their roster is made up of youth players whose finances are already stretched far.  This will hopefully allow them to focus on the more important parts of the season like practice, tournaments and on individual player growth. To read about our 2018 partners, the Discie Chicks from the UK, click here! Later in the year we'll be searching for a team to work with for 2019, and you can feel free to email inquiries or suggestions to info@beultimate.com