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Ultimate Leaders: Raleigh Phoenix's Jenny Wei

Ultimate Leaders: Raleigh Phoenix's Jenny Wei

Ultimate Leaders: Raleigh Phoenix's Jenny Wei

Despite not being able to cleat up right now, we wanted to reach out to community leaders to see how they are addressing the Covid-19 situation within their sphere. First up, we talked with Raleigh Phoenix's Jenny Wei.

How are you communicating with your team, and what message have you been trying to convey? 

Our team's leadership has been very honest and frank about the situation. They've informed us about the status of our seasons (PUL has been postponed rather indefinitely, as you may know, and club season is TBD) and that their number-one priority is the health and safety of our team. They've also encouraged us to stay connected! We have various channels of communication and are staying engaged with each other during this time. We have a Snapchat group, a workout Slack channel, and a general Slack channel that are all very active. We were inspired by an AMP tweet, and we've been doing weekly Zoom lunches for anyone on the team who wants to join!  
For youth, our YCC season has been put on hold until USAU resumes programs, which has been hard because we just created our team and have yet to have our first practice. In order to get to know each other, us coaches have been sending prompts to the GroupMe and have created a response chain; once you're tagged, you respond and then tag someone else. It's been really successful in keeping the players engaged and excited about the season. One of my U24 teammates started this in our GroupMe so I don't take credit for this activity!

How are you staying in shape? Any specific activities/exercises?

For the last few weeks, I've mostly been rehabbing my torn hamstring - so lots of PT exercises with some light jogging. Now that I'm about 6 weeks out, I'm finally able to open it up some more and have been doing field workouts which involve some sprints and throwing with some more plyos and PT exercises. The weather has been really nice and fields are open so staying active hasn't really changed that much! Other than that, my roommates and I have gotten really into home exercise videos including HIIT workouts, Zumba (my fave), muscle group focused workouts, and LOTS of stretching.

Tons of my teammates are even more committed to working out and they have been getting pretty creative with how they're staying in shape! I've gotten Snaps of my teammates using books, bags of rocks, and gallons of water as home weights for lift sessions, and many of them are also still hitting the fields and doing field workouts in small groups. They're sure to come prepared - Clorox wipes and staying a few feet apart to stay as safe as possible but also get the much needed personal interactions.

Are you watching film? Any recommendations?

YES! Film is a great way to pass the time or to play in the background as we're all "working" from home. We have a film study Slack channel for us to continue to grow our frisbee smarts, and most recently, we've been studying active/reactive cutting as demonstrated in the 2017 U.S. Open Women's Semifinal (Fury vs. MB)
A fun game to watch as recommended by Lindsay Soo is Ring's comeback and then universe point defeat against Ironside in the 2014 Club Semifinals. The universe point lasts over 20 minutes!

What kind of message would you send to athletes trying to make the squad this year?

Only throw hammers if you're sure they'll be completed. JK :)
Come to tryouts ready to learn and excited to meet new people. Our coaches and leadership will be clear in what they want to see out of you at tryouts on the field. Off the field, make a new friend! Convince a returner that they want you as one of their teammates. 

Anything you want to voice?

Although there is a lot of uncertainty and disappointment right now, know that you have your teammates with you. We often celebrate together as a team, but your teammates are also there to share in your frustrations. If you can't pick yourself up right now, lean on each other (virtually, not physically haha)—that's what they're there for. If you have a little extra inspiration to share, reach out to your team! While we're practicing social distancing, it's still possible to stay connected. Then, when you get to hit the field together again, you'll be able to pick up right where you left off.



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