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Color Charts || How to Make Sure Your Uniforms are the Exact Color you Want

Color Charts || How to Make Sure Your Uniforms are the Exact Color you Want

Color is one of the most important parts of any design. Getting the exact color you want is imperative, but how can we assure it?

Precise color matching is a near-impossible task. When taking into account the brightness and resolution of your monitor, and even the brightness of the room, what you see on your monitor will usually differ from what we see on ours, sometimes significantly. 

Here are three ways to guarantee the best possible color match:

  • Use the BE Ultimate Color Chart
  • Internally, we make use of a giant color chart that displays every color we can print. The chart is printed on the same fabric as our jerseys to ensure consistency in appearance. For large teams and organizations/leagues, we usually offer a copy of this chart at the start of a partnership so that the designers can refer to it throughout the ordering process, allowing us to speak the same color-code language!

    For regular-sized teams and clubs, we have a smaller, pocket version of our color chart that we include with all sample requests.

  • Pantone Matching
  • The next best method is for you to select a Pantone Color Code. It then becomes the job of the design team to match your request to our internal color chart. Over the years, we’ve become very good at this process, so you can trust us to get the closest match possible using this method.

  • Printed Panel Test Prints
  • For all sublimated orders, we run printed test panels. This means we’ll take your design and print a one-off on the same fabric that the final item will be produced in. We’ll snap some pictures and share the results, allowing you to get a better sense of how the jersey comes together as a whole. 

    We are dedicated to getting you the custom gear you want, and color is a huge part of that, which is why we are so careful about getting it right. Our product representatives will be sure to check with you throughout the process to ensure that you receive exactly what you ordered.

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