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BE x Glasgow Ultimate

BE x Glasgow Ultimate

BE x Glasgow Ultimate

BE Ultimate is excited to announce a new multi-year partnership with Glasgow Ultimate. The Scottish based club have established themselves at the top of the UK scene and, after a strong performance at UKU Nationals in 2017, secured one of the four UK Mixed team bids to WUCC2018.  

We sat down with captain Iain Campbell to learn more about their plans for the season.

Q: With your spot in Cincinnati now confirmed, how are preparations going and how are you selecting the squad for WUCC?

IC: Our preparations are progressing smoothly. In terms of squad selection we are hosting a number of trial sessions to select both the WUCC team and a larger training squad. The last session is on the 27th of January and we are hoping to confirm the team before February. The bulk of last seasons squad is still involved, but we are looking to replace a few departures and add some extra legs. With regards to physical prep, we are transitioning out of our off-season strength work and back into sprint work and disc skills ahead of the beginning of the mixed club season.

Q: What tournaments can we expect to see you at as a warm up for Cincinnati?

IC: We are planning on attending 2-3 of the UKU Mixed tours and Windmill in Amsterdam. We have also arranged a series of friendly games with local rivals Black Eagles (Edinburgh) and SMOG (Northern England).

Q: What aspirations do Glasgow Ultimate have at the tournament and for the domestic season in general?

IC: There is no specific finishing target at WUCC, we want to perform well and be the best Glasgow team we can be. For the rest of the season, we wish to field two competitive teams throughout UKU mixed tour and target EUCF (European finals) qualification to end the season.

With two teams attending WUCC and several university teams challenging at the top of the UK, what is happening in Scotland right now making it such a competitive area for Ultimate?

IC: There is a good synergy between regular and (not always so) friendly competition among the university sides and a strong development focus from club teams in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. Younger players want to improve to beat their rivals, and the coaching culture is in place to help that process. We’re incredibly motivated to work hard and support the team over the next two years and we wish them the best of luck as they prepare for WUCC this summer! We’ll see you in Ohio!