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BE Ultimate x Ultimate Argentina National Teams: A Partnership of Support & Pushing Boundaries

BE Ultimate x Ultimate Argentina National Teams: A Partnership of Support & Pushing Boundaries

BE Ultimate x Ultimate Argentina National Teams: A Partnership of Support & Pushing Boundaries

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BE Ultimate will be outfitting the Argentina National Mixed Team this summer at the World Ultimate Championship in Australia. Competing on the world stage for the first time, Argentina will debut a stunning set of uniforms on the Gold Coast this August. We are thrilled about this new partnership, which represents a significant milestone as we support Ultimate Argentina in their efforts to elevate the sport of ultimate frisbee both in Argentina and beyond!

25 Years of Ultimate History in Argentina

Ultimate Argentina has a 25-year history defined by passion, dedication, and a constant commitment to the sport. Ultimate frisbee in Argentina began in 1997 when Demian Hodari gathered a small group to play in Buenos Aires. The sport saw its first official tournament in 1998, with the creation of the team DiscoSur, which represented Argentina internationally. Despite a large decline in players during the 2001 economic crisis, the sport rebounded with the arrival of experienced Colombian and Venezuelan players in the early 2000s, leading to the creation of competitive ultimate and the formation of new teams and leagues by 2008.

Argentina started small but has grown into a well-respected presence in the ultimate community through hard work and perseverance.

Growing Ultimate in Argentina: What's Next?

“Our main goal as Ultimate Argentina is to grow our community.” Guido Giarrusso explains.

While the community is still relatively small compared to Argentina's territory and population, the ideas for the future are big. “We visualize a future with more young people, boys and girls playing Ultimate Frisbee, public schools and universities having their own teams, and national sports events that promote the values of our sport,” says Guido. It’s very important for them to bring Ultimate to the forefront of the Argentine sports landscape to help it get the recognition it deserves.

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Opportunities

Creating a national team that truly represents the diverse and expansive Argentine community does come with its challenges. The vast territory, economic situations, and the need for a long-term, comprehensive project definitely painted a daunting picture. 

“With a lot of effort, dedication, and love for our sport, we started this process two years ago.”

Starting by simply forming an identity, the program then shifted to selection and competitive focus and as the date of the World Championships approached, it went from a dream to reality.

National Team: Representing Argentina on the World Stage

The Ultimate Argentina National Team has experienced a range of emotions leading up to making history by attending their first ever Ultimate Frisbee World Championship (WUC 2024). But, they all find common ground in being prideful that they are a part of this huge step. 

“We are making history, pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and that makes us really happy.” 

They approach the opportunity with joy and a sense of responsibility, representing their community and the spirit of Ultimate as they live and breathe it in Argentina.

Importance of Community Support 

Community support has been the backbone of Ultimate Argentina's journey and is an essential part of their program. “If we think about the moment the disc flew for the first time in our country to the present day, nothing would have happened without the support of the community.” Beginning with international community support, and continuing with the formation of new teams, the players' shared desire to learn and grow together is creating increased mutual support and strong competition.

BE Ultimate is excited to build on that community support by spreading the word on the great things that Ultimate Argentina is doing for the sport.

Looking Ahead in the World of Ultimate

“We would like to see a more integrated, empathetic international community determined to build and develop Ultimate on a global level.” 

They hope that the understanding of social, economic, and political challenges increases and there becomes more of a focus on the areas where inequality is most evident and where the sport of ultimate can be a tool for change!

A Partnership Built on Shared Values

BE Ultimate is looking forward to all that this collaboration will bring to the sport and the community in Argentina. We align on the bigger picture of the potential ultimate holds to bring people together and create a space for athletes of all kinds to learn and grow.

“We would say that their interest in supporting a process that few know about, and therefore might seem to lack certain value, showed us that they are a company with vision and future projection, with a genuine interest in the development of Ultimate.”

We are excited to support Ultimate Argentina and their National Teams as they push the boundaries of what is possible and embrace the joy and responsibility of representing their community at new heights in 2024. Here's to a bright future, filled with growth, camaraderie, and the spirit of ultimate!

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