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Addressing the fit of Ultimate gear for athletes.

The profile of ultimate athletes is dynamic and requires a lot of testing and alteration to find a fit that encompasses both comfort and performance. Working closely with our designer and a handful of elite athletes we were able to find a cut that gets the best of both worlds. As the sport continues to evolve we will continue to push our gear and processes to evolve with it. The end goal of producing quality performance-focused gear that is specifically tailored for the ultimate athlete.

Take a look at how it works.

New Cut Jersey

New Women's Cut Jersey

Improved Fit
Minimal tapering with an athlete inspired cut for better comfort.

Increased Range of Motion
Adjusted arm and neck holes for an increase in mobility, allowing for optimal performance.

Design Adjustments
Seam placement adjustments for an overall improved look.

New Cut Shorts

Increased Mobility

Overall pattern adjustments inspired by elite athletes.

No Ride Up or Bunching

Shortened and adjusted rise.

Ultra Comfort

Optimal waistband sheering and rise curvature.