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Enduro Socks

Enduro Socks

Enduro Socks



 Size XS/S:
Women’s 6-8

 Size S/M:
Women’s 8-10
Men’s: 6-8.5

 Size M/L:
Men’s: 8.5-11

Size L/XL:
Men’s: 11-13

The Enduro Socks are a tight compression sock, designed to support you through any amount of Ultimate-playing. These socks are designed with you in mind, with graduated compression to decrease swelling in the arch and maximize blood flow in the ankles, feet and calves. They also feature a coolmax heel bad and toe box for targeting padding and maximum moisture-wicking to help keep your feet dry and comfortable. The Enduro Socks are customizable with a small team logo, available in White or Black.

  • Graduated Calf Compression
  • Targeted Moisture Control
  • Capillary Forefoot Compression
  • Embroidered Customization



Enduro Socks

Premium compression.

  • Graduated Compression

    These socks provide ultimate support with strong compression through the arch to decrease swelling and fatigue and less compression through the soleus and lower calf to increase blood-flow to the ankle, foot, and calf.

  • Targeted Moisture Control

    These socks feature a Coolmax heel pad and toe box for targeted padding and perspiration wicking to keep you dry and mighty.

  • Capillary Compression

    Capillary compression ensures that padding, compression, and wicking all work in tandem throughout the midfoot for maximum comfort and agility.

  • Customizable

    Custom embroidery can be added to the front or side of the sock, so you can show your style.