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Representation with Rupal

Representation with Rupal

Representation with Rupal

Rupal has been a high-performing athlete for years, consistently showcasing her exceptional skills and dedication to the sport of Ultimate. Beyond her personal achievements on the field, Rupal is committed to making Ultimate a more inclusive and welcoming sport for everyone.

She opens up with BE to share the challenges she faced and the comments she’s heard that made her step back, recognize the underlying issues, and understand how she can be a role model for change. She emphasizes the crucial role of representation, highlighting the importance of seeing role models and athletes who reflect your own identity and experiences.

“Representation is visibility. It’s seeing yourself in the things that you’re doing”

Rupal advocates for concrete steps of creating supportive environments, promoting diverse teams, and actively working to remove barriers that may prevent individuals from feeling welcome and valued. Her passion and advocacy serve as a reminder that through collective effort and a commitment to inclusivity, we can ensure that Ultimate is a sport where everyone has the opportunity to thrive without judgment or criticisms.

 “You're not making those teams because of the color of your skin, you're making those teams because you’re a good player”

As a whole we must look to understand and respect the differences of each other cultures and how that effects how they play and what they wear. These are important factors that can easily go from barriers to opportunities. Rupal commends her teams mates for being such a great support system and she is proud of the diversity SYC represents.

"Let's be aware of the different events that are in the calendar. Like, we adjust our whole calendar for Christmas, but there are so many other events from different cultures and different backgrounds that happen throughout the year that maybe we should just be a little bit more aware of and, like, celebrate them...I think the one thing I've really appreciated is my teammates being really understanding of that and wanting to have conversations."