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Timeline & Production Updates for Your Orders

Timeline & Production Updates for Your Orders

Timeline & Production Updates for Your Orders

Dear BE community,

Here at BE Ultimate, we pride ourselves knowing that, when an order is placed, we work as quickly and carefully as possible to get it to production. This is why we created guaranteed turnaround times. We know how important it is for folks to know how long production will take, so you know the exact moment you’ll be unpacking your new gear from when you click “Order”. 

Due to a storm of uncontrollable factors, among them the COVID pandemic, global production and supply chains have been impacted. Despite those, we did our best to work around disruptions, but we were no longer able to guarantee turnarounds. We created warnings a few months ago, but the delays and disruptions have been worse than we anticipated, and some of you have received your gear late. 

We want to apologize to all of you for failing to meet the excellent standards we set for ourselves regarding production.

We’ve let you down. We know that feeling - it’s not a good one. Someone ordering from us should know exactly when they’ll be unwrapping their BE Ultimate box and pulling out their stuff. 

So, we want to be upfront with all of you. Unfortunately, right now, we can’t guarantee you’ll receive your orders in five weeks. Instead, we’d like to offer you a few choices, if you have an order in production with us.

1. Cancel your order for a full refund

2. Keep your order but expect a minimum 2-3 week delay

If you’re thinking about ordering with us, we encourage you to get started as early as possible in the order and design process, but expect a longer production and shipping time.

Since we’re striving to BE Better Than Ever, we’re asking ourselves -- what are we going to learn from this?

We’re streamlining the production process to be more efficient and timeline-focused in the near future. We’re working closer, with more frequent and transparent communication, with our production teams to ensure processing goes as smoothly as possible 

We take full responsibility for the back-up, and we’re working as hard as we can to serve our customers and community, the way we and you expect us to.

We thank you for your continued support.