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Faster than Fast

Faster than Fast

Faster than Fast
One question, so many possibilities:

Who’s the fastest in Ultimate?

In San Diego we’ll be hosting a laser timed 40-yard dash competition running from Thursday to Saturday. The winner in each of our three competition categories will receive $400 for their team in cash.

The three competition categories we’re hosting are Inclusionary, Men’s and Women’s. All participants are encouraged to sign up to whichever category they feel suits them best, and we want to make it clear that everyone is welcome and encouraged to partake in the event. If you have any questions regarding the categories please don’t hesitate to email us beforehand, or speak to us at the event. 

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We understand that you want to focus entirely on the championship. That’s why we’ll be set up from Thursday to Saturday allowing you to swing by on whatever schedule works for you. Likewise, we’ll have plenty of energy bars, blocks, and electrolyte drinks to help replenish any energy spent with us (and more). 

We also understand that the event we’re putting on is not accessible to everyone. This year, in particular, there have been far too many reports of talented players suffering season-ending injuries. We see you, and although we regret that you’ll be unable to partake in the event this year, we’d still love for you to visit our booth. We’ve reserved some sets of body-maintenance gear, for free, for you, to help in any rehab efforts you are currently going through. 

Not interested in competing for the top prize?

We’ll have a fourth category set up - just for fun - for you to see who’s faster; your O-line vs your D-line? Your coach vs their coach? Sin The Fields vs Ultiworld?