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Design Spotlight: Team Canada

Design Spotlight: Team Canada

Design Spotlight: Team Canada


Welcome back to our Design Spotlight - this time we are looking at some of the most anticipated jerseys of the year. We are excited to unveil the stunning new jerseys for Team Canada. A lot of thought goes into any jersey design, but when it comes to National Team jerseys, they really have to embody the pride and professionalism of the team wearing them. As we break down the design elements and thought process behind the jerseys, it's clear that these jerseys hold a lot of importance for players and supporters alike.

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Professional and Patriotic

These jerseys should look like they belong with other major sports like Soccer, Hockey, or Rugby. They are designed not only to appeal to ultimate frisbee enthusiasts but also to evoke a sense of legitimacy for those unfamiliar with the sport. Beyond that, they should provide the undeniable excitement and intrigue of showcasing the latest look for your favorite sport. Each Team Canada jersey stands alone in its importance, instilling a sense of pride when putting one on, and for ultimate, it should be no different.


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More than Meets the Eye

At a glance the Team Canada colors typically remain the same classic red, white and black but from our perspective there was potential to add dimension, with textures and tones giving the kits that extra flair. We played with an off-white for slight variation and combined it with a subtle but unique pattern that adds depth to the white and red jerseys. The alternates get their own inspired look with two tone black design and simplified camo print.

A set of jerseys should hold a theme and create an identity for the 2024 team, so we incorporated a fun cross over from the black third jersey's camo print and added to the front shoulders of the red and white. The iconic maple leaf is integrated on all of them in a more subtle manner, avoiding the conventional dominance that can steal the show.


A Jersey For All

BE Ultimate understands the weight of designing Team Canada jerseys. The jerseys are not just garments; they are statements that everyone in the Canadian ultimate frisbee community cares about and has an opinion on. It just comes with the territory, and BE Ultimate embraces the challenge, knowing that the shared goal is to make athletes look just as professional as all other sports.


The ultimate measure of success is simple: If people are proud to wear the jersey, we have done our job. But we can’t forget about the other test for success - if the jersey is popular on trade night. That in itself truly reveals what players across the world really think.

The validation comes not just from within the ultimate frisbee community but also from those who may not be familiar with the sport. A successful design is one that stands out even to a non-ultimate crowd.



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Close to Home

Some of BE Ultimate's staff are intertwined with national teams, having been part of the Ultimate Canada framework in some capacity. Seeing these two worlds collide is incredibly special and marks a huge milestone on both sides. We also want to shoutout some of the BE sponsored athletes who will be representing Canada on the Nationals Teams in 2024.


Meaningful Memoir

The Team Canada jerseys mean so much to so many athletes, coaches, parents and fans so we took that passion and made sure it was represented in the 2024 jersey collection. The national team symbolizes commitment to excellence, professionalism, and the elevation of ultimate frisbee as a respected and growing sport. We are excited to see these athletes wear the jerseys with pride and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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