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British Columbia Ultimate Society X BE Ultimate

British Columbia Ultimate Society X BE Ultimate

British Columbia Ultimate Society X BE Ultimate

BE Ultimate is excited to announce that we will continue our partnership with BC Ultimate for 2024. Our commitment begins with providing high-performance gear but extends to alignment in promoting the spirit of the game, encouraging the growth of the sport, and creating an environment of healthy competition in the BC community and all its Ultimate organizations.

Elevating the Game in BC

Each year, BC Ultimate's goal is to reach more athletes and increase both the visibility and accessibility of the sport while also supporting the future of youth players and programs. They achieve this through programs like the BCU student bursary, created to provide additional financial assistance to graduating high school students who best represent Ultimate, the Spirit of the Game, and who have an interest in contributing to the continued development of the sport. Additionally, they offer The BC Ultimate High-Performance Development Program, which lays the groundwork for dedicated athletes striving for excellence with specialized training from expert coaches.

BCU Student Bursary Program

High Performance Development Program

 Spirit of the Game

Alongside the importance of developing great athletes is the focus on the spirit of the game, which embodies mutual respect, sportsmanship, fair play, and integrity. Implementing this as a regular practice and behavior at all levels leads to a community of players and coaches striving to better each other and the sport.

 On-Site Action

The BC Ultimate Society is a hub for ultimate enthusiasts, hosting a ton of events throughout the year catering to all skill levels. From elite showcase tournaments to engaging clinics they provide the on-site action to everyone looking to learn and play with a team or on their own. For the first year, Ultimate has been accepted into the 2024 BC Summer Games. This marks the first time in Canada our sport will participate in any provincial games!

2024 Calendar

 A Joined Mission

BE Ultimate and BC Ultimate are aligned in our mission and are prepared to make a lasting impact on the sport by empowering players and nurturing a community that represents British Columbia athletes with pride. Here's to a season focused on development, camaraderie, and great competition!

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