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Better Than Ever

Better Than Ever

Better Than Ever

What started as a motivational line – a mantra for training and practice – has become a guiding principle of daily practice for the company.

In its truest form, the line “Better than Ever” serves to remind, inspire, and motivate us to be our best selves. In sport, this comes from hard work, dedication, and sacrifice and I’ve found that it’s the same in our work.

It was 6 years ago that I started BE Ultimate and I was well aware that our gear was not the best. We took all the feedback to heart and worked hard to fix the issues. At that time, it was a question of survival – be better, or perish. With every order and experience, we improved. We soon reached a point where our products were passable. But that wasn’t enough. It stopped being about whether our products were good enough, but rather how we could make them even better. It was this humble beginning that spurred the culture we have today: one of continually pushing the boundaries.

Today, we are incredibly proud of our offerings. We have created some phenomenal and unique products, launching 8 new products in the last 2 years including our line of body maintenance products, the N-Line fabrics, and our Enduro Socks. We won’t stop there. It is in our nature to innovate, create, and continually improve our offerings.

As a final note, I feel blessed that every time I step into the office my ideas and vision are supported to grow by members of our extensive community who provide continued inspiration.

Thank you to everyone who has supported what we are trying to build. Everyday we choose to be better than ever: I invite you to do the same.

-Rumi Tejpar, Founder of BE Ultimate