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BE Sustainable: Climate Neutral Certified

BE Sustainable: Climate Neutral Certified

BE Sustainable: Climate Neutral Certified

To coincide with the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, BE Ultimate has partnered with Climate Neutral to offset our carbon footprint. Earth Day 2020’s theme is climate action. Climate Neutral accelerates corporate climate action by helping companies measure and understand their carbon footprints, drives funding into climate change solutions by requiring all Certified Brands to purchase carbon offsets, and reduces harmful emissions. 

How it Works


Climate Neutral conducted an audit to give us a precise understanding of our carbon footprint. This baseline describes our current level of environmental sustainability and how we can improve. 

Example: Climate Neutral measured sources that are owned by our company, such as electricity at the office, as well as emissions associated with our value chain, such as production and shipping. 


Now that we have an accurate understanding of our carbon footprint, we can take the necessary steps to offset or counteract it.

Examples: Restoring degrading forests, capturing blogas from livestock, and capturing methane gas from landfills.


In the long term, we will continue to work with Climate Neutral to create a plan to further reduce our carbon footprint. 

Examples: Sources sustainable materials, and packaging. Reducing transport emmissions.


Now that we have joined forces with Climate Neutral and become a Certified Brand, we have the opportunity to spread the word to get more companies and individuals to join us in our efforts to promote sustainability. 

How to Get Involved

Visit climateneutral.org and make a small donation to offset your carbon footprint. Every contribution helps and has a major impact on the environment. The more people support this cause, the greater the outcome will be. 

At BE Ultimate, we recognize the gravity of climate change and have been taking steps to ensure that we are leaving our world in good shape. Six months ago, we began using completely biodegradable bags to ship our products, and now we are joining Climate Neutral as a Certified Brand. 

We are committed to BE Sustainable, and we hope you will join us in this endeavor.