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Part 3 | Ultimate Leaders: South Korea Baekho's Minjoon Kim & Hyunju Kim

Part 3 | Ultimate Leaders: South Korea Baekho's Minjoon Kim & Hyunju Kim

Part 3 | Ultimate Leaders: South Korea Baekho's Minjoon Kim & Hyunju Kim

Last week we talked with UCSD's Samantha Wool & Madison Tenney and this week we have reached out to some leaders from South Korea. Baekho's Minjoon Kim & Hyunju Kim

How are you communicating with your team, and what message have you been trying to convey?

The ultimate season in Korea starts in the spring (late February to early March) and ends in the fall (late October to early November), so we didn’t get a chance to start our 2020 season due to COVID-19. Our tryouts have been postponed indefinitely, and we don’t know when the season can officially start. This unintended break, however, has allowed many of our members to catch up on things outside of ultimate for a change. Our teammates are preparing for various license exams, picking up new hobbies, and generally taking care of themselves. Everyone is hoping to compete in the fall (main) season, so we haven’t stopped working out. This year was supposed to be our first title-defending season, and we aren’t allowing the virus to hold us back. We’re continuously communicating via group chat, and we had our first team Zoom meeting a couple nights ago, which we plan to do more often.

How are you staying in shape? Any specific activities/exercises?

The situation here in Korea is probably relatively better than in the rest of the world, as we’re allowed to go outside and generally go about our daily lives. As such, nothing is really stopping us from getting together and holding tryouts, pick-up games, etc., but we’re following government recommendations to enforce social distancing, wear masks, and wash our hands. We’ve got “groups” no larger than four people getting together to throw (with masks and gloves!) on the weekends, while individually we’re trying to work out as much as possible. The housing available here is overwhelmingly apartments, and they aren’t very large. Aside from the few people who live in houses, the majority of us would go to the gym prior to social distancing. With the current situation, we’re avoiding the gym and trying to find various exercises that can be done at home and outdoors, such as running/cardio, plyos, body-weight workouts, etc.

Are you watching film? Any recommendations? 

Yes! Big shoutout to Ultiworld and USA Ultimate for releasing lots of games for everybody to watch. This certainly helps with staying home. Our teen phenom and extreme ultimate nerd* Jaehwan recommends these:

In no particular order,

1. Revolver vs. Ring of Fire – 2018 Nationals Men’s Semi
2. USA vs. Japan – 2012 World Ultimate Championships Women’s Final
3. Ironside vs. Johnny Bravo – 2016 Nationals Men’s Semi
4. Brute Squad vs. Revolution – 2019 U.S. Open Women’s Final

      *Ask him about any “good” player at the club and pro levels, and he can probably go on for 20 minutes talking about their plays and mistakes in various games and provide YouTube timestamps for them. 

      Anything you want to voice?

      Staying at home is for the benefit of everybody. While it can be tough, please stay home and beat COVID-19! Make the most out of this time by doing things you haven’t been able to do because of work, life, etc. Times are tough, and everybody needs support. Stay strong, stay safe, and stay (virtually) connected! Hopefully everything will return to normal as soon as possible so we can all immerse ourselves in ultimate again. Catch us at the Worlds/AO games (when they happen)!