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Levke Walczak  || The 5 Toughest Matchups I've Faced

Levke Walczak || The 5 Toughest Matchups I've Faced

Levke Walczak  || The 5 Toughest Matchups I've Faced

Inês Bringel 

Ines and I have very similar playing styles. Above all, we’re both highly invested and super intense. We’re both small but very quick, like to huck, and we see and approach similar places and positions on the field. All this makes our matchup super intense, extremely passionate, and fierce. Thank you, Ines. See you on the field!

Sarah Melvin

She’s fast, and by “fast” I mean reeeally fast. And smart. She reads the game and the disc equally well. That’s a dangerous combination and a challenge for a defender. Sarah is also super nice and a great teammate. She always acknowledges effort and work on and off the field. All that makes her one of the best opponents to play against, as well as (hopefully) an eventual teammate (At Eurostars 2019 we didn’t play on the same line, and COVID-19 has crossed our plans to play a beach tournament in spring this year). The day will come that you will see me and Sarah together on the line, and I can’t wait for that.


Lola Dam

She’s probably the person I felt best defended by in my Ultimate career. I constantly have to change and adjust my cuts and timing to get open. Normally I’m used to an opponent that gets tired, but you can’t outrun Lola. You run, she runs. As easy as that.

Svenja Pruhns

Underestimated in the European Ultimate Scene, she’s definitely one of the toughest matchups. Be aware of her layout D’s, be aware of her full-field hucks, be aware of her around-breaks, be aware of her patience, of her decision-making, her endurance (both mentally and physically), be aware of her ability to pick up the entire team when shoulders and heads are dropping. I feel extremely lucky to be her teammate and call her my coach and friend.

Dena Elimelech 

She’s good. She’s really good. But what makes her the hardest matchup is the connection she has with her team. When you play against Dena, you play against her entire team at once. There’s so much grit, energy, and pride coming from the whole team and being internalized by Dena, so much power radiating from her.