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Enduro Socks | BE Originals

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Roxanne Couture-Dubé
Enduro Socks

Great socks, I only wear this to play !!

lea bedard

everything fit perfectly and are just so comfy, I love them.

Quality socks

The fit was a bit tight. I put them on about 2 hours before the game, warmed up in them, then played in them. Great quality, but they were too tight to wear for 4 hours.

Enduro Socks | BE Originals


Product Options


Size XS/S:
Women’s 6-8

Size S/M:
Women’s 8-10
Men’s: 6-8.5

Size M/L:
Men’s: 8.5-11

Size L/XL:
Men’s: 11-13

Crew length, high-performance sock with Coolmax heel for padding and perspiration wicking. Compressed arch and midfoot helps decrease moisture retention and allows you to play game after game in the same pair.

Key Features:
  • Tight Zonal Compression for Optimal Recovery
  • 360 Moisture Wicking Fabric Keeping your Feet Dry
  • 2 Color Options White or Black
  • Material: 20 % Coolmax, 20% Cotton, 29% Nylon, 25% Polyester, 6% Elastane


Enduro Socks

Premium compression.

Enduro Socks | BE Originals
  • Graduated Compression

    These socks provide ultimate support with strong compression through the arch to decrease swelling and fatigue and less compression through the soleus and lower calf to increase blood-flow to the ankle, foot, and calf.

  • Targeted Moisture Control

    These socks feature a Coolmax heel pad and toe box for targeted padding and perspiration wicking to keep you dry and mighty.

  • Capillary Compression

    Capillary compression ensures that padding, compression, and wicking all work in tandem throughout the midfoot for maximum comfort and agility.

  • Customizable

    Custom embroidery can be added to the front or side of the sock, so you can show your style.