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Ty Barbieri

Ty Barbieri

Ty Barbieri

Vancouver Furious George, Canada u24 Men

Q: Going into your third year of Furious George, how have you found the start of the season? 

A: With Vancouver unfortunately not hosting an AUDL team this allowed the Furious leadership an opportunity to have tryouts over an extended period of time. We had 2 open tryouts for all the men’s players in the city before the group was cut down to four elite teams of 15 or so players. Each team played one another in a round robin style tourney, which was tons of fun and very competitive!

We have now had a few practices and the team is looking sweet! Maybe even the strongest we have been in the past 2 years I have been with the team. Picking up some new young talent from BC and even a couple international players. I'm super stoked for things to start rolling!

Q: What does your training regime look like?

A: After a long season last year ending in January at U24 World Championships, I’ve been working a lot on my endurance. The Furious leadership has provided us with personalized workout plans so I’ll be focusing a lot on plyometrics and throwing for the next couple of months.

Q: Who inspires you?

A:  I’m lucky to have been inspired by a lot of great players in the Vancouver area. But if I had to pick one person it would be my father. He’s the one who’s always been pushing me to be better than ever and is always there to support whichever team I am playing on.