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Rupal Ghelani

Rupal Ghelani

Q: What is motivating you for 2019?

A: This is my final year in the U24 division and the women on my team are all amazing. I would love to have an incredible season with them and make each one of them proud. They are the reason I work hard and the motivation to perform well at U24s for those women pushes me every day. Also, I’m so grateful for the support I get from my parents and brother to go and pursue an interest in sport, and I want to be the best version of myself when I step out on that pitch to do them proud. Knowing they are supporting me every step of the way drives me to step up to every challenge and push that little bit harder.

Q: What does your training regiment look like?

A: Currently, I do gym work 2 or 3 times a week, a sprint/throwing session and a couple of distance/speed endurance runs per week. Sometimes this means doing 2 sessions a day but I love running! Then at the weekend I will usually have practice for either GB seniors or U24s or would focus on recovery and stretching.

Q: Who inspires you on your team and in the ultimate community as a whole?

A: Caitlin Wilson on the senior team is like my frisbee mum, she is an incredible handler with some ridiculous throws, and watching her play and seeing her range of throws really pushes me to think about my skill set and the field in a different way. She also has a great strength of character and seeing how she manages herself and the passion she plays with makes me want to work harder and strive higher. In the ultimate community as a whole, I'm inspired by the girls from Revolution, particularly Yina Cartagena. They all play with so much love for one another, you can feel their passion coming through when you watch them play. To me that is what sport is about, playing for one another, so being able to watch them play with that fire is inspirational!

Q: What is your mindset when you take the field?

A: My mindset when I take the field is to make sure we come away from each game with no regrets. To focus on that point and that time and be 100% focused on that moment. Whether that is pushing myself on the field or being loud on the sideline, the most important thing to me when taking the field is being the best version of myself and the best teammate I have been.

Q: What do you do outside of ultimate?

A: Outside of ultimate I'm a data analyst! That involves lots of excel (love a good formula) and creating lots of presentations. I'm very numerical and love to tutor and teach as I did a maths degree so know how hard it can be to some people. I also love to cook and take lots of pride in feeding people, so have had many a mass feast over frisbee weekends while I was at uni. My biggest meal to date was a buffet style Diwali celebration with food for nearly 40 people cooked from scratch!

Q: What is something you are very passionate about that you think people should be more educated on?

A: The importance of nutrition. I’m a massive foodie and despite not knowing that much about nutrition itself, I know enough about food to be able to manage myself during the week to cope with a very busy and active lifestyle without feeling drained. I don’t really believe in diets or in extra supplements in the form of powders and think a lot more young athletes could learn about nutrition (including myself) to understand what the body needs and where it should come from.

Q: What tournaments are you attending this year?

A: In the pipeline until the end of summer: UK Club Women’s Indoor Nationals, Siege of Limerick, Bologna Invite, UKU Mixed Event 1, UKU Women's Tour 1, EUC 2019, WU24 Championships 2019, UK Outdoor Club Regionals (hopefully) and UK Outdoor Club Nationals (hopefully).

Q: What are your goals for 2019?

A: My goals for 2019 are both team-based and individual based. Team-wise I would love to come away from U24 worlds knowing we played the best we could and with the ability to compete with the top players and countries in the world. Also on a team level, we are aiming to push for our mixed team (LED Ultimate) to grow and become more of an established unit to progress with the development of the team. On a personal level, my goal is to really improve my throwing skill set to become more of a well-rounded player. As well as this I would also like to work with some the newer women in LED and hopefully inspire at least one of them to continue the sport both in the mixed and women's division, the club has helped me and I would love to give back to it as well.

Q: What are three pieces of advice you would tell yourself when you first started play?


  1. When you get more serious in the sport, keep a training log and a training diary. Planning out your week helps you gain some structure and means you will be able to plan for all the other things you have going on as well! And the training log will help you see where you have progressed and what areas you need to work on on a regular basis.
  2. Remember the reason why you started and those who are now starting their journey. Ultimate is meant to be fun! So don’t be afraid to go to the odd hat tournament or beginner tournament with your friends and play non-competitive ultimate. The best part of the sport is the community so immerse yourself in it fully and go back to your roots.
  3. Invest in good quality gear. You will probably spend a lot of time away from home so investing in a good sleeping bag roll mat, waterproof bag, and waterproof coat is a must!

Q: What does Better than Ever mean to you?

A: Better Than Ever means knowing who you are inside and out, accepting yourself and striving to be the best version of you, both for yourself, your teammates and those that you are thankful to.