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Rupal Ghelani

Rupal Ghelani

Rupal Ghelani
Loughborough Haze, LED, GBu24 Women

Q: What does your training regime looks like?

A: I currently train with my university team 2/3 times a week and with our club season starting soon I will have another club session on top of that. As well as this, we have women’s fitness sessions once per week (which include lots of speed endurance) on top of gym sessions 3/4 times per week for S&C and plyos.

I love training as much as I do, especially with my club because they all put in an incredible amount of effort for one another! In the lead up to worlds (U24 World Championships) there were 5 sessions per week to complete which included a combination of endurance, speed and S&C. Not only this but all sessions were done in binbags to acclimatise to the heat. Definitely the best decision I’ve ever made!

All of our university session are mixed which is fab because it pushes the girls to compete at a higher level, and encourages the boys to work 100% of the time because none of them like to be beaten by the girls – which happens more often than you’d think!

Q: What are your aims for the 2018 season?

A: The biggest aim for this season is a top 3 finish for my university Women’s team at indoor nationals, and a top 5 finish at outdoor nationals! We’ve built this team up over 3 years and everyone feels like this is our year. We’ve put in the early mornings and late nights and everyone is really positive about where we are headed this season. Our men’s team is also very strong and I can’t wait to see how both teams perform over the season! Personal aims for this season are to really hone in on my fundamental skills. I focus on my athleticism a lot and this season would like to be just as confident behind a disc as I am up pitch.

Q: Who inspires you to be the best?

A: I have so many amazing people around me! But I think my biggest inspiration comes from the incredible team I captain. My university Women’s team are probably some of the hardest working women I have ever had the pleasure to play alongside and I could not be more inspired by all the sacrifices they have made over the past year. The passion they all play with and the talent that is shining through from our beginners to the veterans is the strongest it has been in the 4 years I have been here! As a captain I could not be more proud of what we have achieved together and cannot wait to see where every individual goes in the future. These girls are my family and they continue to amaze me every single day.