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Lauren Kimura

Lauren Kimura

Lauren Kimura
Toronto 6ixers, Team Canada U19s, U23s

Q: What does your training regime look like?


I currently train about 3-5 times per week. These sessions look different depending on my work priorities and any type of organized sports scheduled in for the week, however, I try to get in at least 2-3 power/strength workouts in the gym, one rec. league sports game of sorts (frisbee or otherwise — I just joined a dodgeball team!), and one cardio/mobility session.

I love the off-season because since you’re not constantly playing every other day, you can allow yourself to get really sore from weight training a lot (simple pleasures). It’s also important for me to try new things and not get too stagnant in a routine — moving towards the beginning of the season I will transition into a more ‘sport-specific’ phase, utilizing lots of unilateral exercises, plyo work and a focus on agility, and will (sadly) cut down on big lifts.

During the season, my focus is on maintenance (speed, strength, and endurance) and injury prevention (stretching, mobility, balance). Gym sessions slow down to about 1-2 times per week and I add in 1-2 sprint training sessions, usually tacked onto a 6ixers team practice! That said, my learnings from years of training are to listen to what your body wants: if you need a week off, take it! If you want a second breakfast, eat it!

Q: What are your aims for the 2018 season?

A: 2018 will be my first season as a captain on Toronto 6ixers and my goals are very tied to learning how to thrive in that role. Our team has reached an interesting point in it’s still very short lifespan — a good mix of experience levels, a great team attitude, and yet an amorphous team culture, and so, I am excited to be a part of the leadership that will bring this team into maturation.

Coming together as a unified team in whatever venue, such as off-season training, community events, team gatherings, etc. will inherently bring us closer, and naturally prepare us to tackle the long and challenging season ahead! Our specific goals are yet to be decided, but having strong performances at WUCC and Club championships are probably a given!

Q: Who inspires you?

A: Inspiration comes from many different places for me, and certainly has shifted focuses as I’ve grown up (as a human and as a player). When I began playing, legendary women on Traffic such as Candice Chan, Kira Frew, and Catherine Hui really inspired me to take the sport more seriously (but not that seriously, haha). There are obviously a handful of men I look to for inspiration as well, but their names have already garnered enough attention compared to the great female players on the scene, so I’ll save my breath for now.

At the moment, the most immediate, consistent, and natural sources of my inspiration now come from the folks on my team: not necessarily due to their playing performance (though they are amazing), but more the more intangible aspects that keep players going — for example, seeing Jessie Wu, a veteran that I’ve known since living Vancouver, killing it in the gym throughout the whole off-season, or seeing my younger teammates on the U24 Women’s squad play out of their minds in Perth, or observing (in awe) the passion that female coaches such as Carla DiFilippo or Kaitlyn Lovatt bring to the table season after season…. that’s the fuel that keeps me so engaged with the sport, and with the frisbee community!


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