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Jenny Wei

Jenny Wei

Q: What is motivating you for 2019? 

A: Friends & Frisbee = fun! I am an externally driven player so I rely on my teammates and competition to motivate me on and off the field. To me, being motivated is as simple as wanting to have as much fun as possible!

Q: What does your training regiment look like?

A: My training regimen consists of a wide variety of activities; I really enjoy staying active but full disclosure, you’ll rarely catch me lifting weights. Getting touches and playing Frisbee (3v3, indoor, scrimmages, etc.) has always been the best way for me to stay in performance shape. I also think cross-training is incredibly beneficial both physically and mentally so I try to find opportunities to play volleyball or pickleball, and I like taking classes at my gym like cycling, Zumba, yoga, etc. Honestly, this is my first off-season since I started playing, so I’m still figuring out how to stay fit and also love what I’m doing!

Q: Who inspires you on your team and in the ultimate community as a whole?

A: It’s impossible for me to identify one specific person that inspires me on my team (and I promise I stewed on this for multiple days) because truthfully, each of my teammates inspires me in a different way. Some of my teammates are leading the charge for gender equity – they are using their words, actions, and limited time to pave the way for all-inclusive playing opportunities. Some of my teammates are determined to be the best player they can be by throwing, lifting, and playing ultimate every day! And there are individuals who are each the most generous, open-minded, patient, and understanding people I know. I can go through our entire roster and easily identify how each of my teammates inspires me to be better than ever.

Q: What is your mindset when you take the field?

A: My mindset when I take the field is one of determination – the pure desire to win. Ultimate is a game, and the goal is to score more points than the other team! This mindset is what pushes me to give my 100% through the summer heat, the sore muscles, and the hunger for food. It also flushes away any nervousness because I am certain of my goal. Of course, I know we’re not going to win every game, but when I take the field, that is the one thing I’m pursuing with all my might.

Q: What do you do outside of ultimate? 

A: Outside of ultimate, I love to seek out and eat delicious food! I love sharing a meal with friends and discovering new tastes. Eating yourself into a food coma with hot pot, NC barbeque, dim sum, or Neapolitan pizza really brings me closer to my friends. Also, music – I spend a lot of my free time listening, singing, playing, or discovering music. You can catch me jamming out to Imagine Dragons, Maroon 5, Vitamin String Quartet, Ariana Grande, and my all-time favorite boy band – BTS. Lastly, I really enjoy Zumba! It took a while to overcome my insecurity of dancing in a room full of people, but it has made me more confident and given me a sense of freedom. It feels awesome to let go and just dance my butt off!

Q: What is something you are very passionate about that you think people should be more educated on?

A: One thing that I’m passionate about is making sure our bodies get the rest they need to sustain a long ultimate and post-ultimate career. Ultimate can easily be a sport where there are no off-seasons – you’re either in-season or training for the in-season. Of course, I was a culprit of the no off-season life myself; when I first started playing, I couldn’t get enough. It was Frisbee every day! But I’ve learned that it is so important to make sure your body is recovering. I see this particularly among the youth players I coach and the college players; the in-seasons span the whole academic-year with youth and adult club over the summers for 4-8 years straight! It seems unreasonable to expect your body to be able to sustain high performance for so long.

Part of the responsibility is on us coaches to lessen the pressures of constant high-performance and to encourage players to rest. It’s easy for coaches to push players each season because we prioritize the competitive opportunities ahead of us, but we should recognize that many of these players have played multiple, consecutive seasons. The other part is on players to realize that there will always be another season, another goal, and another reason to train; then ask yourself, what is the return on that training? Can you really be playing your best if you’re in pain? Are you going to play until a minor injury becomes a serious one to realize your body needs rest?

I hope everyone takes an extra minute today to consider what’s best for their bodies in the long-term because Frisbee is fun, and I want everyone to keep playing for a long time!

Q: What tournaments are you attending this year?

A: I think Phoenix will be attending (not set in stone, so subject to change):
Furniture City Shootout

The Raleigh Radiance schedule has been set as follows:
May 5: Home vs. Colombia Revolution
May 18: Home vs. New York Gridlock
June 8: Away @ Nashville NightShade
June 9: Away @ Columbus Pride
June 15: Home vs. Austin Torch
June 28-30: Playoffs in Atlanta!

For fun, I will be playing at:
AOUGC in Shanghai (July 23-27).

Q: What are your goals for 2019?

A: Life goals:
Eat fresh, healthy foods by meal prepping every week (I have tons of budgetary and meal prep micro-goals; true life of an accountant).
Read 5 books this year. First on my list is The Champion’s Mind to better my mental game, but I’d like to get into more fiction too!
Rescue a doggo. I have waited my whole life for this.

Frisbee goals:
Try to help each of my high school players develop their ultimate or leadership skill in their own, unique way. My goal is to be able to assist in one tangible improvement and to celebrate their success for each of my players.
NC women’s ultimate has grown a lot and we are gearing up for some exciting performances. My outcome goals for the upcoming season are to win FCS and ES, semis appearance at Pro-Elite, and go undefeated in the PUL regular season!
My personal, process goal is to make smarter decisions and throw less turnovers. This is one of my biggest areas in need of improvement, and though it’s not exactly quantitatively measured, I can hold myself accountable with my own mental measure of success.

Q: What are three pieces of advice you would tell yourself when you first started to play?

Tip 1: Be patient; it feels like there is so much to learn but it doesn’t happen overnight! Even though you’re responsible for your own progress, it takes time and there’s no rush so enjoy the process as much as possible.
Tip 2: Sunscreen is very important; apply during every bye. Wear a hat when you’re on the sidelines. Being protected from the sun > looking silly with zinc sunscreen and a big bucket hat.
Tip 3: Make sure to stay balanced and do things outside of ultimate! Don’t forget that college is more than just Frisbee; there are plenty of things to learn, discover, and explore. 

Q: What does better than ever mean to you?

A: To me, better than ever means pursuing growth beyond my comfort zone. The process starts with an honest self-reflection of what I know I’m capable of and owning my confidence in what I can do. Then, identifying ways to challenge what I can do already to increase my capabilities. Another way I define better than ever is striving to be the kind of person that the players I coach may want to become.