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Fraser Macdonald

Fraser Macdonald

Fraser Macdonald
North England SMOG, Stirling Blaze, GB U24 Mixed

Q: What does your training regime look like?

A: For the next few months it’ll be 3 weight sessions in the gym, 2 sprint sessions (endurance & technique) and 2 focused throwing sessions a week. Closer to WUCC I’ll drop a weight session in favor of more running.

I attend a university which doesn’t have a large Ultimate scene and so high-intensity training are few are far between – part of why I’m excited I’ll be playing with SMOG for WUCC. I’ll be attending training camps over a number of weekends in the next few months.

Q: What are your aims for the 2018 season?

A: For my team: emotional investment. U24s was the best week of my life because I knew I put everything I could into it: emotionally, mentally, physically. I could have trained just as hard but not cared about the team and the end result would have been nothing like it was. I want to feel the same dedication and commitment to the SWOGSquad (SMOG) for WUCC. Also getting a medal would be pretty sick, too!

As an individual: get #hench. By the time U24s rolled around my training program had totally prepared me; I felt athletic and ready for a long week, and never felt fatigued in the morning. However I know I have much further to go, and getting much stronger from the gym and dropping the skinny look will be a good indication that I’ve prepared well.

Q: Who inspires you?

A: This is such a common question from people when talking about sports. I suppose the idea is that one day I’m watching some amazing athlete on TV (or YouTube for us) and it motivates me to get cracking and down to training... In reality, I work hard and train hard because I want to get better.

That being said there are some players who are inspirational to watch or learn about, and that makes me think “I hope one day I can have the platform to say/play like them, to motivate others”.

Opi Payne is certainly my favorite player and person who I don’t actually know in real life. Her playing style is exciting to watch because of her athleticism and work ethic, you can’t help but just focus on watching her when she’s on the field. Being a gay black woman in America also can’t be the easiest thing, particularly in sport, so she’s inspirational and a huge role model when it comes to equity and accessibility in Ultimate. A small part of me is super keen to go to WUCC just to get a photo with her.