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Collefas Mot

Q: What is motivating you for 2019?

A: I’ve been away from the competitive scene for a while and now that I’m fully recovered I’m motivated to work my way back on the field with my teammates, especially my sister, and bounce back stronger than ever.

Q: What does your training regiment look like?

A: My training routine consists of focusing on my rehab and on strengthening! After my injury, I’m a lot more aware of my body, so working out for injury prevention has been very important to me.

Q: Who inspires you on your team and in the ultimate community as a whole?


  1. My twin sister! She’s the best person to hype me up, always pushing me to play my best and I'm so excited to finally join her on the field with her this summer!
  2. Team Canada World game 2017 squad
  3. Edward Guo

Q: What is your mindset when you take the field?

A: My mindset when I take the field is ambitious. I'm driven to play at the most highest level, playing against the best players which motivates me to work hard to be my best.

Q: What do you do outside of ultimate?

A: Outside of ultimate I study Graphic design, I spend my time improving my drawing skills and reading.

Q: What tournaments are you attending this year?

A: This year I’m attending Worlds in Germany with Team Canada and CUC/USAU series with Traffic!

Q: What are your goals for 2019?

A: My goal this year is to feel stronger mentally and physically!

Q: What are three pieces of advice you would tell yourself when you first started playing?


  1. Don’t fear your opponents
  2. Remember to have fun
  3. Prepare yourself for any mistakes or obstacles

Q: What does better than ever mean to you?

A: Better than ever means to keep getting better don’t be satisfied always improve. My goal when I tore my acl was to be back as the same player before I got injured but during my rehab it made me realize it’s better to aim higher don’t be satisfied with what you were before, aim to be better than ever.