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Catherine Hui

Catherine Hui

Catherine Hui
Vancouver Traffic, Team Canada World Games

Q: Why do you play ultimate?

A: It brings me happiness and satisfaction when I play this sport. I love the competition and camaraderie it builds while testing my physical and mental limits. It is an ever-changing challenge depending on the opponents, the weather conditions, the team you’re on, and then every unique situation of how the plays break down in the moment. The diversity and what can be achieved in this sport is fantastic. From what you can personally contribute by improving your own skill set, then seeing that skill and talent compound as you are working with a group of like-minded athletes who have the same goal as you, is truly a beautiful thing. We can accomplish so much when we work together and seeing those pieces all come together is why I love this sport.

Q: What does your training regime looks like?

My training regime depends on the time of year and at which point of the season I am in. In the off-season, I am primarily in the gym working on my mechanics and form, and building a solid strength foundation to prepare me for a long season of tournaments and on-field reps. The programming that I am currently using is Haddock’s Sports Performance. It is sport-specific and tailored to where I am at in the ultimate season.

As we get closer to the season, I increase my on-field training with track workouts and drills that involve cutting, running mechanics, and incorporate throwing in the mix. Whether I am in the gym or on field, I love training with friends. It serves as awesome form of motivation to be able to support and push each other to reach that next level.

Q: What motivates you?

A: Taking on a mindset of growth is how I keep myself motivated. Watching all of the amazing women that play this sport, the next level that they’ve achieved pushes me to want to attain that skill set.

I want to throw like Michelle Ning, Alex Snyder, and Claire Chastain.
I want to dominate in the lanes like Laura Mason, Rachel Moens, Kami Groom and Claire Desmond.
I want the field awareness that Georgia Bosscher, Jenny Fey, and Jesse Shoffner have.
I want to be able to bid like the Cardenas twins, and Opi Payne, and,
I want to be able to have that relentless grinding attitude that Terri Whitehead, Jessica Rockliff, Sandy Jorgenson and Jessie Grignon-Tomas have, to only name a few.


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