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Anouchka Beaudry

Anouchka Beaudry

Anouchka Beaudry
Toronto 6ixers, Team Canada U24 Women's

Q: What does your training regime look like?

A: My training regime depends on the goals I have set for the season and will usually differ in the off-season. I am very lucky to have an amazing support team at Sport Specialists in Montreal – they build training programs that are sport-specific and personalized to exactly what I need in order to perform at a high level. 

During the season my training is tailored to how I want to be on the field and for me, that is dynamic and explosive. Along with my gym sessions, I have my weekly practices with 6ixers and I make sure to incorporate throwing sessions during my own time. 

In the offseason, my goals tend to focus on building strength and reestablishing a balance in my body since ultimate is a sport that will utilize one side of the body more than the other. 

During this past season, however, I didn’t have much of an off-season to focus on my usual goals. With my training starting in early 2017 to get ready for beach worlds and TCU24 tryouts, followed by playing the summer and fall series with 6ixers and then playing the U24 World Championships in January, I did not get to have an off-season and instead, I had to extend my training to focus on peaking at the right moments. This season was extremely long and exhausting, but with the amazing support team at Sports Specialists, I was able to achieve my goals and peak for every big tournament.

Another part of my training regime is mental preparation. Having a strong mental game is extremely important in order to be focused and consistent. Consistency is very important to have during a tournament and having a healthy and strong mental game helps achieve that level of play. For me, mental preparation is something you have to put time aside to do, but you can also work on it at every practice, training, and throwing session through the ways you talk to yourself and how you build confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Q: What are your aims for the 2018 season?

A: In 2018, I will be returning to Toronto to compete with the 6ixers. With our win at CUC’s last summer, we qualified and will be going to compete at WUCC in Cincinnati. This means that the tournaments leading up to worlds will be used as preparation to perform at the international level. The 6ixers will also be participating in the Fall series with the goal of returning to USA Nationals.

My personal aims for this season are specific and based upon my role that I have on my team. For the upcoming season, I want to be mentally and physically prepared. Along with this, I will continue to develop, improve and push my throwing capabilities and capacity.

Q: Who inspires you?

A: The ultimate community is filled with inspiring people. One person that stands out to me is Zakarie Massi. The way he sees the game and how dedicated he is to his team is beautiful. Not to mention His impressive athleticism and throwing skills. However, the one thing that is truly incredible about him is his perseverance.

Another player that inspires me is Tom Brady, the football player. I’m not a big football fan or anything but the story behind him has always been impressive to me. As a quarterback, he has a lot of pressure on him to perform in big moments and has the reputation to shine under pressure. To me, the ability for a player to perform even better under pressure is inspiring and indicates that it comes from an amazing mental strength and love for the game.


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